It was late October, in a few days Indriani and her husband Edwin would take a vacation to the Mediterranean/Greek Isles. They were looking forward to it, then the news came—the lump that Indriani had found accidently in September was a very aggressive cancer. Questions flooded her mind: What is this disease? Why is this happening to me? How did I get it? What will happen to me? Where should I go for treatment? What kind of treatment options should I choose? Does my doctor really know what’s going on? Will I be in pain? Will I be disfigured? Am I going to lose my hair? Will my family and friends care about me? Am I going to survive?

Indriani felt impressed to come to Uchee Pines, but was not able to get there as soon as she would like, because the session was full. With a foreboding shadow cast over what the situation held, Indriani and Edwin went on their vacation.

Upon their return home more testing was done at a different hospital. Indriani wanted to get a second opinion and more options. She was given the option to start chemotherapy immediately for eight rounds, then followed by surgery, seven weeks of radiation therapy. Based on what she knew at that time, the chemo was started. After two rounds Indriani decided to stop getting standard therapies because of their destructive side effects. Indriani wanted to rebuild her immune system by natural therapies, so her body could have the chance to heal itself.

By December Indriani was at Uchee Pines. Her schedule was filled with learning and applying God’s plan for health. At the end of the 17-day session her tumor had shrunk 50%.

In January Indriani returned to Uchee Pines for another session. The doctor checked for the tumor— nothing. An Ultrasound was done— nothing. Blood tests were taken—the cancer was nowhere to be found. “This place is really amazing!” said Indriani, “I watched so many miracles and transformations happening right in front of my eyes. I have never felt so healthy and so happy in my entire life.”

Indriani went home rejoicing in the miracle God performed in her life and committed to following a new lifestyle—one that promotes health and healing.