Reese Lias, Jr. had driven past the sign for Uchee Pines Institute many times but little did he dream that one day it would change his life.

In May of 2005 Mr. Lias was diagnosed with diabetes. As the poor circulation and numbness in his feet and legs worsened he had to give up his occupation and life-long love of truck driving. He tried six different doctors and ten different medications over the years in his quest for healing, but nothing helped.

By a series of events Mr. Lias learned more about Uchee Pines and in October of 2011 he came for a 17 day session at the Lifestyle Center. Treatments included hot and cold fomentations to the abdomen and legs besides the all-around lifestyle changes in areas such as diet and exercise. In less than a week Mr. Lias was seeing improvement.

“Before I came here,” he said with face all smiles, “I couldn’t feel my legs or toes; I could hardly walk. But now I can! It is tremendous what they do here without medication. I’m off my medication and my body is healing!”

He went on to say, “I’ve never been at a place like this. This is a stress free environment—you’re surrounded by nature, no outside world that you have to deal with.”

Uchee Pines endeavors to equip those who participate in a session at the Lifestyle Center with the tools and knowledge they will need once they leave.

“That is part of the program” Mr. Lias explained “Its a retraining of your mind so that when you go back out there you won’t do what you’ve always done.”

Mr. Lias really appreciated the individual attention he received at Uchee Pines. “You get very personal care here,” he said. “You have a one-on-one counselor who sticks with you until you leave. The Doctors here are tremendous too. When you get your lab work done they look at everything and they explain it to you in detail. If you don’t understand they will help you.”

“When God is ready to heal you He will heal you and He will give you ways to get healed,” Mr. Lias concluded. “I hope that anybody with any kind of sickness would try this place before they have any amputation, any surgeries, because it will prevent surgery by the natural treatment without medication, without pills, without shots. Just come here and be blessed!”