Hi, I’m Fritz 59 years old with a high-strung, achieving personality, stressful lifestyle and a long history of high blood pressure. I came to Cedarvale on the 12-night program and was pleasantly surprised at the results.

My struggle with hypertension goes back a long way. I’ve been on medication for many years with no improvement and when my doctor said I should take some more medication, I decided to try Cedarvale’s 12-night program. Following my initial health assessment and pathology report, I was placed on a 3-day apple fast. I never knew apples could be eaten in so many ways. This was followed by a totally salt-free diet for three days. The chef also made a special salt free bread for which I was very thankful. I found the talks very helpful for my stress levels and enjoyed the monitored exercise around Cedarvale’s rainforest trails. However, I benefited most in the kitchen with the hands-on cooking classes where I learned a whole new way of eating.

In two weeks my blood pressure dropped from 155/88 to 118/75. I can’t believe it! I feel great! I am still following the lifestyle program recommended by Cedarvale and now, three weeks later, my blood pressure is 121/68.

Fritz B.