Wildwood Lifestyle Center

Wildwood, GA

A place where modern medicine meets nature’s remedies

Wildwood Lifestyle Center is located at the Northwest corner of the state of Georgia in the USA, close to the Northeast corner of Alabama, and the southern border of Tennessee.

Our beautiful 600-acre campus, nestled among the mountains of North Georgia, close to the foot of Lookout Mountain, is the perfect place for your health retreat. While you are with us you will enjoy the amazing natural beauty on our many miles of wooded walking trails and the tranquility of Lake Edna.

From the very beginning, our philosophy at Wildwood Lifestyle Center has been to minister to individuals on all levels, reaching people where they are. We believe in healing by changing lives, not just treating symptoms. For this reason, we focus on more than just giving natural remedies. We present the steps to living a healthy lifestyle, the way God intended for us to live.

Wildwood Lifestyle Center is a place where modern medicine meets nature’s remedies. Here one can benefit from scientific alternative treatment in a peaceful, caring, accepting environment. At our lifestyle center, our philosophy is to treat the whole person—physically, mentally, spiritually. People from all walks of life are greatly helped while receiving our multifaceted approach to healing.

Our Medical Staff have a thorough knowledge of disease and conventional treatment, as well as having the knowledge to substitute those treatments with natural remedies. For seventy years Wildwood has been using nature to heal the body with great success in the areas of Hydrotherapy, Massage, Exercise, Diet, and Botanical Medicine.

Our program offers practical classes to help you make better lifestyle choices. We have found that as we share the physiological principles of a healthy lifestyle, many people are better equipped and more able to make firm decisions for change. These classes cover a wide range of relevant health subjects.

As well as each participant receiving personalized care from our experienced medical staff, they are enriched by group support from other guests in the program. The group spirit and the lasting friendships that develop make your stay at the Wildwood Lifestyle Center a never-to-be-forgotten experience.

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Wildwood Lifestyle Center
435 Lifestyle Ln
Wildwood, GA 30757, USA

Phone: 800-634-9355
Website: www.wildwoodhealth.org