Uchee Pines Lifestyle Center

Seale, Alabama

Improving Health One Choice at a Time

Uchee Pines Lifestyle Center offers a vacation experience in health education and lifestyle change. Our goal is to educate and empower individuals to live lifestyles for optimal physical, mental, and spiritual health. Our motto — Improving Health One Choice At A Time — emphasizes our passion to help you achieve this goal. Come join us and renew your health — for good!

Our new lifestyle center has six semi private rooms (each with two twin-sized beds) and 14 private rooms (with queen-sized beds.) All of the beds are Select Comfort, Sleep Number beds, giving you the ability to choose your desired firmness/softness for optimal sleep comfort. Each room has its own private bathroom and direct access to the outdoor patio. There is a large living room where guests can relax and talk, a chapel for prayer and worship, a demonstration kitchen where you can practice making healthy recipes, a lecture hall for classes and meetings, treatment rooms, a guest garden, a solarium for private sunbathing, and a large kitchen to serve our guests, staff, and trainees.

The special emphasis on Christian spirituality as well as fellowship with other guests motivates each individual to support each other, like members of a family, while achieving individual lifestyle goals and our classes including simple remedies and healthful cooking will help you continue your new lifestyle changes upon your return home.

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Uchee Pines Lifestyle Center
30 Uchee Pines Road
Seale, Alabama 36875

Phone (U.S. only): 1-877-UCHEEPINES (1-877-824-3374)
Phone (Worldwide): 1-334-855-4764
Website: www.ucheepines.org


“Healing for Body and Soul”

David* came to Uchee Pines with long hair, cowboy hat and boots, a guitar, and smoking away. When he was told that he needed to quit smoking he replied, “I didn’t come here to quit smoking, I came here because of cancer.” David had fourth stage prostate...

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“No More Pain!”

Janet* had been in severe, constant pain. Every day before going to bed she would ask God to put her to rest because it was enough. In order to continue living she knew that something had to happen. “It was time to make a change,” she said, “so I decided...

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“Hardening of the Arteries”

A 68 year old woman came here with the worst case of hardening of the arteries we had ever seen. She had no detectable pulses in the wrists, armpits, or at her elbows, and none around her feet, ankles, knees, or groin—an amazing finding which turned up on...

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