Health. Restored.

Take your next vacation with us and start feeling better than ever before.


“Enjoy beautiful, quiet surroundings, delicious plant-based meals, informative lectures, hands-on cooking classes, personal wellness coaching, and follow-up support for little more than the price of a hotel room.”

Feel Young Again

Do you need somewhere to get away and rejuvenate your health? Are your typical vacations leaving you more exhausted than before you took them? Do you have health issues that need attention now? We have the solution for you.

LifeStart Retreats offers a health and wellness vacation experience in a quiet, comfortable setting where your needs are number one. Make your reservation today and start feeling better than ever before!


What People are Saying

“Great program – staff is professionally, compassionately, and spiritually trained.” Dora


“I was feeling tired and very much lacking in energy but after this week, I feel reinvigorated, energized, and ready to enjoy life again.” Cedric


“I had gotten away from the lifestyle and wanted and needed to get back on the ball. There were changes that I wanted to make and was blessed with those changes here!” Gloria


“The staff was an amazing group of people that have a passion to help others improve their lives.” Bonnie